Update May 2nd

So far your generousity has given Ben Martin Elementary over $300 and many badly needed items.  Please help me keep up the great work!!  - Anthony

1st Day of School...

My name is Anthony the Ant!  I am the mascot for the Fayettevile FireAntz ice hockey team.  I am also a 3rd grader at Ben Martin Elementary.

This is a picture from the first day of school back in August.  This has been my school since kindergarten. 

I have learned a lot at Ben Martin Elementary.

But now Ben Martin needs YOUR help!! 

After the tornado...

This is my school after a category 3 tornado hit it on April 16th. 

My Principal has told me that we can't go back to school there this year.  We will be finishing this school year at a temporary school.  We will need lots of things to make the last 6 weeks of school a success.

I have asked the Fayetteville sports teams to help me collect supplies and donations to help make the rest of this school year easier for me and my classmates.  The Fayetteville FireAntz, the Cape Fear Thunder, the Fayetteville SwampDogs, and the Fayetteville Force have all given me their support!  Socks for Veterans in Stedman, NC has volunteered their support too.
If you can donate any items from the Needed List page, they would be greatly appreciated.  Please see the Drop Off Locations page for the businesses accepting donations.

If you are too far away to donate items, you can choose to make a monetary donation on the Donate page.  ALL DONATIONS will be given directly to Ben Martin Elementary.  (This is a free website and any "fees" are being covered by the Cape Fear Thunder.)